The 2013 New Orleans Bookfair + Media Expo Poster!

By the great Happy Burbeck!


The Official 2013 Bookfair T-Shirt: Pre-Order it Through Kickstarter!

The Official 2013 t-shirt for the New Orleans Bookfair + Media Expo is on its way! Happy Burbeck is fast at work on this year’s image, and we’ll be revealing sketches and the final image to Kickstarter backers first. Help support the Bookfair by pre-ordering this year’s shirt–you get the size and color you want, we get to make the best event possible! Check out our Kickstarter here, and thanks for supporting this year’s Bookfair!

Exhibitor List Update & T-Shirts!

We’ve updated our 2013 exhibitor list, so head on over and see who’s already signed up for this year’s Bookfair!

In the next few days we’re going to launch a Kickstarter for this year’s t-shirt, featuring art by the great Happy Burbeck! Last year’s shirts flew off the table, so we’re going to give everyone an opportunity to grab their size early, along with some add-ons and surprises. Check back, sign up for our e-mail list, or give us a Like on Facebook and updates will be sent to you.

Thanks for supporting the event!

SCHEDULED! The 2013 New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo will be Sat., 11/16 @ the CAC Warehouse!

The title says it all, folks! The 12th Annual New Orleans Bookfair returns to the CAC warehouse on Saturday, November 16th from 11am-5pm. Rest assured the inimitable Happy Burbeck is fast at work on this year’s awesome poster–we can’t wait to show it to you! One of the first Bookfairs was held in the CAC warehouse, and the biggest Alternative Media Expos were there as well, so we can’t wait to return to the CAC, it’s like home.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in exhibiting at this year’s event, check out the button to the right of this post and sign up, or if you’re just interested in attending and want updates, our e-mail list is there as well.

See you soon!

The 2012 Reading Schedule

The 17th is fast approaching, and we can’t wait! To help you plan your Bookfair experience, here’s our schedule of readers at this year’s event:

Noon-12:20: Michael Steinberg

12:30-12:50: Melissa Maxwell

1-1:20: Ben Sandmel

1:30-1:50: Dr. Scott Anderson

2-2:20: Martha Fitzgerald

2:30-2:50: Edward Haslem

3-3:20: Alex Jennings

3:30-3:50: Justin Nobel

4-4:20: Dalt Wonk

4:30-4:50: Josephine Sacabo

New Orleans Bookfair Trivia Event Coming Soon!

We’re having a fundraising event for this year’s Bookfair–come to Literary Trivia at Handsome Willy’s on Thursday, October 18th. Trivia starts around 8:30! (Check out a full event page)

Down on the lower right corner of the page you’ll find a link to our Exhibitor List (or click here)–we’re updating once a week with new exhibitors, so check it out!

Stay tuned for more updates!

The 2012 N.O. Bookfair & Media Expo Poster

We’re pleased to present you with the poster for our 2012 New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo, by the always amazing Happy Burbeck! While you’re looking at stuff, check out our updated list of 2012 exhibitors over on the Exhibitor page–stay tuned for more announcements and additions as they happen!

The 2012 New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo

Finally, some news on this year’s New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo! We were ready this time last week, but weather has its way of delaying plans. It took longer than I’d ever hoped or expected, but we’re ready to make some more headway towards this year’s event.

The 2012 New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th at 725 Magazine St. in the Warehouse District (it’s directly across from the Crescent City Farmers Market) from 11am-6pm. It’s an awesome garage with skylights and a vibe that will remind people of the Expo’s early days at TwiRoPa, and a little bit of the CAC as well.

We tried for a Frenchmen St. venue but couldn’t find a viable space for this year–but that doesn’t mean we’re leaving Frenchmen St. out of the Bookfair. We’re planning a nighttime event for the area that we’ll announce soon.

In the meantime, you can sign up for table space for this year’s event by going to the right sidebar. You can pay immediately with a credit card or download the form and send in payment.

Any questions? Send them to and I’ll answer ASAP.

Stay tuned for updates!